Small Kitchen Spaces

shutterstock_217152979Some people say that the kitchen is the heart of a home, where meals are prepared with love and served with care. However, with shrinking apartment space, the traditional kitchen has undergone an image makeover. Today’s kitchens are about combining functionality with design aesthetics and reinventing common kitchen elements. It is amazing how a few square feet of apartment space can be converted to a beautiful efficient kitchen.

The key to a well-designed kitchen is keeping it well-ventilated and clutter-free. Large windows, optimum lighting, and accessible storage units are the staples of contemporary kitchens. We have listed down a few other design elements that play a pivotal role in the small kitchen.

1. The Color Scheme
If you want to make your kitchen look bright and spacious, then the color scheme can be your best ally. Shades of blue and white not only add an airy feel to your kitchen but also brings a touch of warmth. Yellow and brown add a dash of earthiness while a cool gray speaks of sophistication. Playing around with colors and textures, you can transform your small kitchen to a haven for the senses.

2. The Kitchen Island
The kitchen island has widely been used as an element to divide the cooking and dining areas. It also serves as additional counter space, which is indispensable in any kitchen whipping up culinary treats. When looking for granite colors and names, it’s important to remember this, can make a huge difference in the look in feel in your kitchen. ¬†Moreover, storage racks can be built in below the island surface. ¬†Interestingly, the kitchen island is a multitasker. It can double up as a place to huddle over coffee or a place where the kids do homework while you keep an eye on them. And if you add a few bar stools, you can have a stylish place to sip wine as well.

3. Storage cabinets
The foremost concern in any small kitchen is keeping it clutter free and this demands creative storage solutions. Vertical storage cabinets that reach all the way to your ceiling can help create the much-needed storage space. Stunning visual effects can be created in the kitchen by experimenting with the texture and color of the cabinets. Mirrors can also be added to the cabinet doors to create an illusion of additional space. A few racks can also be built in seldom used areas like the back of the stairs to store your crockery.
Whoever said that small is sweet was not mistaken. Gorgeous kitchens can undoubtedly be designed by tweaking traditional kitchen elements. We have also compiled a gallery of photographs depicting a few small kitchen decorating ideas that can hopefully inspire you. Happy browsing.

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